Network for Quality, Productivity and Competitiveness -Nepal
( Creating value through Quality )

Minutes of 7th AGM of NQPCN

March 10th, 2012

Minutes of 7th Annual General Meeting of

Network for Quality, Productivity and Competitiveness Nepal (NQPCN)

The 7th Annual General Meeting of Network for Quality, Productivity and Competitiveness Nepal (NQPCN) was held on 10th March 2012 (27 Falgun 2068), Saturday in Hotel Ambassador, Lainchaur,Kathmanduunder the chairmanship of Mr. Bishnu Dass Dangol, President and attendance of the following bona fide members.

Members Attended

  1. Mr. Bishnu Dass Dangol             (President)
  2. Prof. Dinesh Prasad Chapagain (Honorary Chairman)
  3. Dr. Sunity Shrestha                     (Immediate Past President)
  4. Mr. Saroj Rai                               (Vice President)
  5. Mr. Ramesh Man Singh              (General Secretary)
  6. Mr. Manohar Bahadur Shrestha (Treasurer)
  7. Mr. Janardan Ghimire
  8. Mr. Bala Ram Shrestha
  9. Mr. Maheshwar Prasad Yadav
  10. Mr. Uttam Prasad Jha
  11. Mr. Bimal Prasad Dhakal
  12. Dr. Ram Prasad Khatiwada
  13. Mr. Rasik Pradhan
  14. Mr. Bijaya Lal Pradhan
  15. Mr. Pradip Tiwari
  16. Mr. Mukunda Prasad Joshi
  17. Mr. Harihar Guragain
  18. Mr. Govinda Tamang
  19. Ms. Anjali K.C.
  20. Mr. Kul Prasad Sapkota
  21. Mr. Arun Dangol

For the legal validity of quorum, out of 35 bona fide members as of day of the AGM, the attendance of 21 members fulfills the 60% attendance requirement for the AGM.

Discussion and Decisions

1.   The Annual Activity Report for FY 2010/11 (2067/68) presented by General Secretary Mr. Ramesh Man Singh was approved.

2.   The Annual Financial Report for FY 2010/11 (2067/68) presented by Treasurer Mr. Manohar Bahadur Shrestha was approved.

3.   The nomination of Mr. Gopal Prasad Pandey, Registered Auditor was approved as the auditor for FY 2011/12 (2068/69). The audit fee of Rs. 10,000 is approved.

4.   The house constitutes an Advisory Board comprising of the following past presidents of NQPCN.

Advisory Board:

Prof. Dinesh P. Chapagain      – Chairperson

Dr. Sunity Shrestha

Mr. Bishnu Dass Dangol (IPP)

The mandate for the advisory board will be given by the executive committee.

5.   The house elects a new Executive Committee of NQPCN for the tenure of FY 2012/13 to 2014/15 August (corresponding to FY 2068/69 to 2070/71 Bhadra).

Executive Committee:

Mr. Ramesh Man Singh          President

Mr. Janardan P. Ghimire         Vice President

Mr. Arun Dangol                    General Secretary

Mr. Manohar B. Shrestha        Treasurer

Mr. Saroj Rai                           Member

Mr. Bala Ram Shrestha                 ”

Mr. Bimal P. Dhakal                     ”

Dr. Ram P. Khatiwada                 ”

Mr. Maheshwar P. Yadav             ”

Mr. Bijay Lal Pradhan                  ”

Mr. Harihar Guragain                    ”

6.   The house endorses the extended tenure of the current Executive Committee. The extension was caused by delay in completion of financial audit and on-going preparation of the 2nd National Quality Conference. And, to reconcile the extraordinary situation caused by that extension of tenure of the current Executive Committee, the tenure of the newly elected Executive Committee will be up to 2014/15 August (corresponding to 2070/71 Bhadra). The 10th AGM to be held in Bhadra 2071 will elect the next executive committee.

7.   The house constitutes a one-man committee of Mr. Uttam Prasad Jha, NQPCN Member as Coordinator to study possibility of incorporation in NQPCN Constitution the concept of NQPCN hubs and hub coordinators outside theKathmanduValleyand also any necessary amendments in the Constitution in the present context. He shall submit his proposal to the Executive Committee by the end of Baisakh 2069.

8.   The house places on record its gratitude to Dr. Sunity Shrestha, Immediate Past President for effectively conducting the election proceeding as the Election Commissioner to elect the new Executive Committee of NQPCN.

9.   The house places on record its gratitude to Mr. Saroj Rai, Vice President for his excellent presentation raising thought provoking questions related to strategic orientation of NQPCN’s way forward in the future. It was decided to hold an extensive session for strategic review and way forward for NQPCN in a programme in Kakani on 7 April 2012 (Chaitra 25, 2068), Saturday.