Network for Quality, Productivity and Competitiveness -Nepal
( Creating value through Quality )

About Us

Network for Quality, Productivity and Competitiveness – Nepal (NQPCN) is a Network of Entrepreneurs, Managers, Academicians and Consultants of Nepal established on 2004 to enhance competitiveness through sharing, learning and applying globally developed quality and productivity tools and techniques for social and economic development and the nation.

NQPCN is a not for profit organization solely run from the membership fees and voluntary contributions.


Sustainable growth and development are only possible in an enabling environment that focuses on enhancing the quality of life driven by core human values. Such an enabling environment demands that individuals, systems and the country inculcate values ad attitudes regarding quality, productivity and competitiveness, especially as we enter the globalizations and WTO regimes. Quality as the key driver of economic prosperity of the nation has gained more significance today than ever before. It has thus become imperative to create synergies of efforts of various professionals, experts and institutions that are actively engaged in the field of quality and productivity, and to drive the nation forward. In this context, it has been felt necessary to create a network of such resources, hitherto working in isolation, to promote the culture of sharing and learning of their knowledge and experiences for the betterment of the society and the nation.

During interactions in the areas of quality and productivity among various professionals of quality and productivity, it was felt that professionals in the area would benefit tremendously through the establishment of a network of professionals and like-minded people who believe in the tenets of quality. A generic name “Network for Quality, Productivity and Competitiveness- Nepal (NQPCN) was agreed upon to accentuate the interrelatedness and the essence of the three technologies. The people involved in the initial ground work in establishing the network are managers, entrepreneurs, practitioners, consultants, academicians with a common bottom line belief in quality as the over arching parameter of growth and development. The network received a major boost when NQPCN was inaugurated in July 2004 by Prof. Noriaki Kano, an internationally renowned contemporary quality guru, during the Second Quality Convention of Nepal AOTS Alumni Society (NAAS) held in Kathmandu.

Our Vision
“Creating Value through Quality”

Our Mission
Network for Quality, Productivity and Competitiveness-Nepal(NQPCN) aims at enhancing competitiveness of individuals, organizations and the society as a whole through quality and productivity.

Our Strategy
Instituting a functional national and international network of individuals and organizations working in the area of quality., productivity and competitiveness; and sustaining the network as a not profit civil society institution.

Our Goals
Create, share and learn the knowledge and experience on quality and productivity and apply to enhance competitiveness in the nation.

Our Activities

Creating knowledge on quality, productivity and competitiveness themes through study and research.
Organization learning-sharing forums each month among Network members.
Sharing resources on Quality, Productivity and Competitiveness through electronic(Websites) and print media (Communique, articles and books)
Involving in national and international conferences as delegates and resource persons.
Networking with National quality, productivity and competitiveness forums and societies.
Networking with international Quality, productivity and competitiveness forums and socities.
Collaborating with regional and international forums on quality and productivity to organize seminars and conventions.
Our 3-h values, we believe in harmony, honesty and humbleness

Executive Committee Members:

Mr. Arun Dongol, President

Mr. Mukunda Prasad Joshi, Vice President

Dr. Bijay Lal Pradhan, General Secretary

Mr. Bimal Prasad Dhakal, Treasurer

Mr. Rishi Raj Gautam, Member

Mr. Hareram Bhattarai, Member

Dr. Balchandra Mishra, Member

Prof. Dr. Tatwa Prasad Timsina, Member

Dr. Govinda Tamang, Member

Mr. Nirvik Shrestha, Member